For believers who are having a hard time understanding their dreams ... or even remembering them when they wake up!

"You Can Laugh At (Almost) All Of Life's Tragedies Such As Marital Problems, Sickness And Financial Setbacks Simply By Recognizing The Early Warning Signals That God Is Showing You In Your Dreams"

And the simplest, easiest, most reliable way to get those signals is to know when God is speaking to you in your dreams, and you can do this easily ... even if at this moment you've been told that all dreams mean nothing OR you do not remember your dreams when you wake up OR you are not able to understand your dreams yet ... simply by decoding the timely information locked up in your dreams with the step by step explanation In The Dream CODE.


Case Study #1: How He Escaped Layoff

"Somewhere in August 2008 our company due to hard economy conditions in US decided to give every worker financial gift. At the same period I had a dream and saw our company issuing out letters and and asking us to leave the company property!

I did not understand it so I prayed for the meaning. I did not want to believe that the company which was dishing out monetary gift can at the same time send us away in lay-off or anything of that sort.

In the course of my prayers my dream was confirmed when after September financial crisis in the country and my company started laying off workers!

I kept on praying and survived two lay-offs last year . Everybody thought with two lay-offs it was over. But I kept on praying and fast for 21- days from November to December 2008 and did Esther fast as well on two occasions with Psalms 27 and 91 you gave us.

On the 31st December after praying to close out the year in that special 27 minutes prayer program, I dreamed and saw myself among a group of people with a man dressed in white and everybody hand was raised struggling to receive something from him.

Though I was standing at the back he still managed to find my hands from the raised hands and gave me the gift!

When everybody thought the lay-offs were over suddenly everybody in my company were giving WARN LETTERS on Jan 9, 2009 for possible lay-off in March, 2009.

The affected individuals were to be informed on February 2, 2009 to proceed on leave for the lay-off in March 2009!

Then came the Feb 2, 2009 and about half of the work force were layed off but to God be the glory I was among the selected few people who were chosen to stay to work!

My manager then came to our office and shook my hands and congratulated me for being dedicated to work and that I am part of his plans so I am to remain and work! Praise God!"

                                       - Simon, Arizona




Now you have a choice:

You can continue to run around in blind panic, looking for help where none exists... wondering when and where the next disaster will strike...

... or you can invest just 15 minutes at the midnight hour to receive divine information when God sends it to you in your dreams.

Just imagine the profound, positive impact having timely information can have on your life and family!


Case Study #2: From Sickness To Health


``In January 2007, I had a very evil dream. I dreamt that I had been bitten by a snake in the presence of my grandparents. I didn't understand what the dream meant and had not grown sufficiently in my spiritual life to deal with the dream as I should have but 2 weeks later, I became very sick .

I was diagnosed with diabetes. Both my grandparents (on my mother's side - the ones in the dream) have diabetes. I went through a real furnace. Finally, after a period of feeling like the world has ended, I came across Elisha`s prayer bullets. I prayed like I'd never prayed before, spent money on the gym, began to eat healthy, lost 10kg, spoke the scriptures on divine health to myself everyday like a mad woman.

Finally, in December 2007, I went for a medical exam. The results showed no trace of the disease. I'm totally free of diabetes. My grandfather was so encouraged by my miracle that he too started to exercise his Christian faith and he's now free of diabetes.``

                                      -- Deborah, Kenya





Instead of running around from place to place, looking for people to prophesy or "see" visions or even conduct deliverance for you ... you can have first hand information, and the steps to deal with every situation in your life, directly from God Himself.


  • Instead of being frustrated when all the prophecies you received fail to come true ... you can actually become supercharged in your spirit, because you now can understand and interpret what God has been showing you in the dream about your life and future.

  • Instead of constantly battling with nightmares and ugly creatures in the dream (waking up drained, tired and fearful) ... you can be reinvigorating your dream life, getting closer to the Lord, and receiving timely, fresh revelation knowledge daily.

  • Instead of running to others for help in the time of crisis, you can truly have things the other way round for a change - people will now be coming to you for spiritual guidance because they see that have access to timely information from the mouth of the Lord. Imagine that!

  • Instead of flying blind, not knowing what to expect every time you wake up from a bad dream, you can actually be armed with divine spiritual information about events in your future... days and even weeks before they happen.

  • Instead of sleeping the whole night through (and losing all your daily blessings), you can invest just 15 minutes at the midnight hour praying targeted "interruption" prayers that open heaven's back door and cause all your delayed blessings to flow into your life like water gushing down the mountain side.

  • Instead of waking up in great fear and panic, not knowing what to do after a terrible nightmare, you can hear a sweet gentle voice telling you how to cancel the dream so it will not manifest in the physical.


Case Study #3: Tragedy Averted


“On Jan 24th I had a nightmare. I saw a very big fire burning down a business and I was 50 meters away. Suddenly it turned out my wife was in the burning business and I could see ambulances rescuing people from the burning shop. Then an ambulance from the scene passed next to me heading to hospital and I noticed my wife in it badly burned. I woke up in great fear and I heard a soft voice telling me to cancel the nightmare.

On Jan 27th I sent money home to my wife. On the day she was supposed to go and collect the money she told me she didn’t go because she had a strong force stopping her. Then she mentioned that the supermarket she usually shops at (after picking up the money) exploded in flames on that day and 30 people perished. I thank the Lord for revealing this scheme of the devil in my dream.”
                                     — John M, Dubai













































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